Maggie the Pirate

Book by James Armstrong
Music & lyrics by Joshua H. Cohen

When Maggie was a little girl, her favorite book in the whole wide world was Treasure Island. She dreamed of becoming a pirate when she grew up. Instead, she became a copyeditor. Stuck in a dead-end job, Maggie watches her life slowly slip away, until a brutal robbery forces her to make a decision: From now on, Maggie will be a pirate. This disturbs her coworkers when she shows up dressed ready to plunder a galleon, but gradually, the office is infected by Maggie's piracy. When Maggie is fired, she attacks her boss, and is confined to a mental institution. There, it is up to a well-meaning but unimaginative young psychiatrist to save Maggie from life in a medicated stupor... and perhaps she'll return the favor. Maggie has a cast of two men and three women.

Please note that due to the fast pace of work since we recorded this demo, it is not up to date. Lyrics have been tweaked, extended musical sequences compressed, and several songs transposed to more singable keys. The opening number has recently been replaced entirely, and is therefore not included here. For all discrepancies in the lyrics, the script is the correct version.

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